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About Our Farm

Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy it!  This website is always undergoing construction and renovation. To see a larger version of each picture just click on it. 

 Our goal at Blue Ridge has always been to raise beautiful, healthy, strong animals. Our breeding program began with an emphasis on showing, and since 1995 we have finished fifty three (53) Permanent Champions and we currently have many does in our herd with at least one championship leg including several with two. We also have had over 22 Best Doe-in-Show awards. We  have these final linear appraisal scores for Blue Ridge does: five does with a 92, nine does with a 91, nine does with a 90, thirteen does with an 89, eleven does with an 88. In addition we had 31 does who scored an "Excellent" in Mammary

We have always had our herd inspected and tested for CAE and we guarantee CAE free animals at the time of sale in adults or at the age of 6 months in kids. Every doe kid (and reserved buck kids) are taken at birth and all births are attended. Kids are raised on pasteurized milk.  We offer 4-H discounts to encourage our youth to become involved in the raising of dairy goats and we continue to only charge them $35. breeding fees.  It has been our practice to retire our does when they finish their championships (dry animals getting a restricted leg are pulled from our show string till they come into milk), so most of the time you have to see them at our farm.

If you are interested in a Blue Ridge kid, let us know as soon as possible. Prices will be in line with the previous kids crop, if the updated fees have not been posted on our web site.  You will be notified at the time of kidding if we can provide your selection, if not, adjustments will be made to your satisfaction. We will either, at buyers choice, substitute another kid or refund the deposit. The price listed on our sale list is for kids prior to birth! (kids reserved before birth will be sold to buyers at the price indicated). However unreserved kids may be pulled from the sales list or offered at a different price.

If you have any questions, or want more information to help in your selection, please feel free to call, write or email us. We are always ready to talk about dairy goats. We are members of the Maryland Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) http://www.marylanddairygoat.org/,  the Virginia Dairy Goat Association and several breed clubs.

All shipping costs and health certificates are the buyer's responsibility.

For inquiries and sales list:

4213 Trego Mountain Road Keedysville, MD 21756

301-432-5591 sganders@earthlink.net