Foundation bucks are listed at the end with semen lists

BUCKS (Oberhasli, LaMancha, andNubian) USED IN OUR BREEDING PROGRAM

Over the years we have had an incredible group of bucks and although they are deceased we have semen which we use as well as our live breeding bucks. 

    FDF Pleasant Fields Honor Time -  has seven permanent Champion  daughters.

Tonka Tails Courtly Scribe - Average three milking daughters linear score 86.7

Blue-Ridge Titus - Average three milking daughters in our herd linear score 89.0. He has six permanent Champion daughters.

South Fork TRS Wind's Jetlag - Average eight milking daughters linear score 87.5 and he has two Champion daughters

South Fork DH Charming Voyager -Average six milking daughters linear score 88.5 and he has four Champion daughters

 We feel we have an incredible group of bucks here, so the breedings we have selected are what we feel fit this year's "plan".

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White Rock Farm Beauregard

             Sire: Tappahanna Bounty Hunter                       Dam: White Rock Farm Ilene

                   ss: Ober-Boerd Legend Slayer                 ds: Rachelsie Despereaux

                   sd: Vanjust TA Holly                                       dd: White Rock Farm Isabelle

He is a handsome buck with a great pedigree.


Champion Blue-Ridge Handsome Devil

SOLD Currently owned by Katie Jackson-Wolfe

Sire: Heaven's Hollow SHI's Xtraxtra            Dam: Blue-Ridge Celeste

            ss:*B HAycreeks X Solution                ds: Blue-Ridge Titus

           sd:SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh         dd: Blue-Ridge Thea

Blue-Ridge Jeremiah SOLD

             Sire: Blue-Ridge Handsome Devil                        Dam: Blue-Ridge Royal Exclusive

                   ss: Heaven's Hollow SHI's Xtraxtra                 ds: Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy

                   sd: Blue-Ridge Celeste                                       dd: Blue-Ridge Xtraordinary

Jeremiah is a great looking buck just like his dad. We are looking for to freshening his offspring.


Foundation Oberhasli Bucks

Champion Blue Ridge Justin (Deceased) semen available

Justin.GIF (434570 bytes)

(Semen available $15.00 each or five for $50.00)

Sire: +*B GCH Highwater Talisman        Dam: CH Blue Ridge Eliza

ss: GCH Highwater Sasha                          ss: Blue Ridge Duke

sd: GCH Seneca Valleys"s Alleluia           ds: Keeptryst Boadicea          

Justin is out of CH Blue Ridge Eliza and GCH Highwater Talisman. This large dark-red buck was extremely wide throughout and had a level topline. In 1999 he took GCH at the MDGA buck show beating our Champion Dude. His sire Talisman consistently won Best of Breed and Best Buck in Show. His dam CH Blue Ridge Eliza was only shown in 1995, yet took Grand Champion in every show (all official) and retired undefeated

Blue Ridge Royal Dandy


Sire: Blue Ridge Titus                                          Dam:  CH Blue Ridge HerXcellency 

ss: *B Tonka-Tails Courtley Scribe                  ds: FDF-Pleasant-Fields-Honor Time

sd: Blue Ridge Noblesse Oblige                        dd: CH Blue Ridge Royal Maiden

We decided to keep Dandy the minute we saw him. His dam scored 92 on her linear appraisal. At five she finished her championship and won the Oberhasli Speciality held in Virginia. She won Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Best Udder and participated in group classes  of Best three Females, Dairy Herd, Produce of Sire. His Sire Titus was the combination of one of our best does Nobleese, who tragically died young and Tonka Tails Courtly Scribe. Scribes sire was the Spotlight Sale Buck, Laughlins Playing with Fire. He has sired many beautiful Obisfor us.

Blue Ridge Nathaniel (Deceased)/semen available

nathanie.GIF (339633 bytes)nathaniel-10-2004.gif (450160 bytes)

   Two Official Legs    LA EEE FS 90 

(Semen available $15.00 each or five for $50.00)

Sire: CH Wenonah-Herd's Handsome Dude    Dam: CH Blue Ridge Hannah

       ss: CH Hyonahill Handsome Howie                   ds: +*B GCH Highwater Talisman

sd: Wenonah-Herd's Cherry Bell                        dd: CH Blue Ridge Eliza            

FDF-Pleasant Fields Honor Time (Deceased)

honortime.gif (250426 bytes)time.GIF (341307 bytes)time-10-2004.gif (464218 bytes)

LA VEE FS 90 at age of 6   

    One Official Leg 

(Semen available $30.00 each or five for $120.00)

Semen also available through Superior Semen  

Sire: Club Y-Knot Soreks Honor Guard    Dam: GCH Sunlyn Black in Time

ss: FDF_Pleaseant Fields Sorek                  ds: Highwater Alchemist     

sd: Tonka Tails Maid of Honor                    dd: GCH Sunlyn Irish Darla       


best3-sr-get-10-1.gif (301525 bytes)


Time was a slow maturing buck as are his kids, however the wait is worthwhile. Both his sire and dam were exceptional animals and his full sister had an incredible mammary. In 2004 he won his first championship leg at the MDGA Buck show. We showed two of his yearlings in 2004, both took Junior Champion and one was Best Junior Doe In Show. In 2005 his milking daughter Shannon went undefeated in completing her championship (Shannon also was 4th place three year old at the 2006 National Show, and 9th at the 2008 National show). His other daughter Shawna also completed her championship. Sheena was third behind them each time shown AND COMPLETED HER CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2007. One thing he does is improve udders!

In 2005, the judge (Steve Richter) commented after judging Time's milking daughters at the District 3 Oberhasli Specialty show "if you want an udder buck, use this one". Shown above are Shannon, Shawna and Sheena who won Best-Three-Females and Produce of Sire and Dairy Herd at this Specialty Show with Shannon winning Grand Champion and Shawna Reserve.


Tonka-Tails Courtly Scribe (Deceased)

scribe.GIF (320458 bytes)scribe-10-2004.gif (474494 bytes)

 LA EEE   FS 90   

(Semen available $15.00 each or five for $50.00) 

Two Official Legs

Sire: *B Loughlin's Playing With Fire    Dam: Tonka-Tails Ray of Hope

ss: Willow Run Cayenne Herod             ds: Tonka-Tails Sgt. Pepper

sd: GCH Body-Shops MCB Raisin       dd: GCH Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae

Scribe by the 2002 Spotlight Sale buck kid "Playing with Fire",  and his grandam Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae was the 2002 RCH National Show Oberhasli and the 2001 GCH National Show Oberhasli.  He now has two legs toward his championship. 

Blue Ridge Titus (Deceased)

Titus-2009.gif (283793 bytes)


 (Semen available $20.00 each or five for $75.00)

Sire: Tonka Tails Courtly Scribe               Dam: CH Blue-Ridge Noblesse Oblige

ss: *B Loughlin's Playing With Fire         ds: CH Wenonah-Herds Handsome Dude

sd: Tonka-Tails Ray of Hope                     dd: CH Blue-Ridge Kris' Honour

Titus is our highest linear appraisal scoring buck at the current time.. His dam and grandam were both exceptional does and he now has four permanent champion daughters in our herd (Vanessa, Wine and Roses, Going to Extremes, and Xtraordinary).  Ignore the lightness in his picture, it was the sun shinning through the leaves that caused this. If you want great bodies and udder improvement Titus will do that.

Welbian-Farm's Hot Stuff     SOLD


Taps-2009.gif (265809 bytes)

                    Sire: Sparkling Acres BT Hot Shot                 Dam: CH Tutlelu Taps

                    ss: *B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment         ds: AJ's Udder Delight Redhot Pepr

                    sd: SGCH Sparkling Acres jingling Twist     dd: SG Tutlelu Reveille

We were impressed with his sires background and his dams udder. 

God'S-Grace TXT Petra Deceased

Sire: +*B GCH Tutlelu Xact Total                         Dam:  SGCH God's-Grace WHS P Agape'

ss: White-Haven Totality                  ds: ++*B SGCH White Haven Sousa

sd: SG Tutlelu Verona                        dd: SGCH Tutlelu Passion

Our new junior herd sire will be used on many of our does this year



Little Orchard EM BlackMagic

Sire: *B Little Orchard TM Prophet        Dam: Catalpa-Hills DL Blue Crystal

                  ss: *B Kastdemur's Cutting Edge   ds:*B Welshans-Acres E Pharaoh 

                   sd: CH Autumn Acres Chocolate Eclair     dd: SGCH Little Orchard SM Phyllis

Catalpa-Hills Prophets Chance SOLD


Sire: *B Little Orchard TM Prophet        Dam: Catalpa-Hills DL Blue Crystal

                  ss: +*BSouth-Fork TTN Trademark   ds:+*B SG Rockspring Virg Dande Dateline 

                   sd: SGCH Little Orchard P Phoebe     dd: Catalpa-Hills Shocks Lady Blue

We purchased Chance for both his background and his levelness of topline and great depth throughout. Both his dam and sister are beautiful examples of the LaMancha breed.

Blue-Ridge-Eli SOLD

LA VV+ FS 88

Sire: Catalpa-Hills Prophets Chance       Dam: Blue- Ridge Yosenia

                  ss: *B Little Orchard TM Prophet  ds: South-Fork DH Charming Voyager  

                   sd: Catalpa-Hills DL Blue Crystal    dd:  CH Blue- Ridge Tammy

Eli fulfilled his promise as a kid. He is a large correct buck that has thrown some wonderful kids.

Foundation LaMancha Bucks

South-Fork TRS Wind's Jetlag (Deceased) 

jetlag10-2004.gif (435499 bytes)jetllag-10--1.gif (243768 bytes)

   (Semen available) 5 for  $100.00 


Sire: *B Redwood Hills Triple Shot    Dam: GCH Myer's MBBC Canyon Blush

ss: Hogg's-Hideaway Chiron                ss: GCH Myer's MRDB Brutus Beefcake

sd: GCH Me's-Ranch HZBC Trilogy    dd: GCH Meyer's Ole' Sweet Cherry Wine          

Just one word describes him - FANTASTIC! He is long, dairy, with great width throughout and standing on good feet and legs. The consistency of his background (LA 90s) gives him the potential to improve both bodies and udders. His first milker offspring were unbeatable in shows. For more information call us. Jetlag's eight milking daughters have an average linear appraisal score of 87.5.

South-Fork DH Charming Voyager *B (Deceased)

VOYAGER.gif (384002 bytes)

   (Semen available) 5 for  $125.00


Sire: +*B GCH ME's Ranch Dutch Hannibal    Dam: GCH South fork Charming Trinket 2*M

ss:++*B GCH ME's Rabch Dutch Belted            ds: +*B Redwood hills Beau Charmer 

sd: GCH Me's-Ranch Saxon Hanna 1M           dd: GCH South Fork TCM Tess          

Voyager died just after Christmas 2012 but we still have him in our semen tank so you will still see daughters from him in the future. We were so pleased with Jetlag that we had to go back to South Fork for a second buck to alternate with Jetlag, in our breeding program. 

Blue-Ridge-Cisco    Deceased


Sire: South-Fork Dh Charming Voyager        Dam: Blue- Ridge Zoey

                  ss: GCH ME'S-Ranch Dutch Hannibal   ds: SG Nickel's Dixieland Jazz  

                   sd:  SGCH South-Fork Charming Trinket    dd:  CH Blue- Ridge Tammy

This Voyager son exhibits the modern LaMancha type, tall long and very dairy. His dam has a lovely globular udder with strong attachment.


Nubian Sire

Blue-Ridge Kahn

                     Sire:Blue-Ridge Jameson Dam:   Blue-Ridge Hera

                     ss: Valley Ridge Johnny Walker                 ds: Blue-Ridge Early Morin Rainr

                     sd: CH Blue-Ridge Xquiste Satin            dd:  CH Blue-Ridge Cleopatral

J&M Hideaway WWS Peacemaker

                   Sire:*B Lakeshore Wild West Showdown Dam: SG J&M Hideaway Farm Justice

                     ss: Hoanbu LR Take Me To The Moon      ds: SGCH Royal Blue Nevada Joe

                     sd: GCH Lakeshore Playboy Scandal             dd:  SG Frog Flat Rosemary