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July Nationals

With the the encouragement from friends, we entered Ember and Back to Black Time at Nationals. Our Daughter and her family took Linda with them and they all had a mini vacation. We were discouraged when we learned that Ember had hurt her leg in the stall. But with the support of Katie and Rose Wolf, we were able to have her walking well for the show. However Embers appetite was off so she did not have much milk for the show. She still placed 10th  while the 1st and 2nd place in her class went Grand and Reserve. A special thank you goes to Katie and Rose for hauling and caring for our does. And also to Todd and Katie for showing for us.

June 9, 2018

We attended the Virginia State Dairy Goat Show held at the Howard County Fairgrounds. As always there were lots of Obies there. Our 2 year old black doe Back 2 Black was Grand and Best Of Breed in both rings. Both judges mentioned her for Best-in-Show but chose an older doe. Nevertheless she made an impressive showing.

Steve's LaMancha Felicia went Grand Champion and Best of Breed in both rings and was mentioned in the BIS at the end.

May 26, 2018

We took a few goats  to the double ring show at Leetown, WV with the MDGA and SDGA each sponsoring one ring each. Our four year old LaMancha Effie won Grand and Best of Breed in both rings. Our four year old Oberhasli doe Ember won Grand and best of Breedin both rings then SHE WON BEST SENIOR DOE IN SHOW IN THE MD RING. 



June 28,2017

Sad note- Blue-Ridge Cisco, one of our senior LaMancha bucks, passed away.

June 24, 2017

We saw Blue-Ridge Deborah and Blue-Ridge Deja Vue (owned by Adel family) win Grand Champion at the MDGA Oberhasli Specialty.  Blue-Ridge Ember (ours) went reserve in all three rings. Later we won the senior get of sire with Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy. 


June 20, 2017

We had our linear appraisal and were pleased with our scores. We got four does with final score of 91, three with 90 and a first freshener with an 89 (highest a first freshener can get),

May 27, 2017

This was our first show of the year. Our LaMancha Effie went Grand in one ring and Reserve in the other.


This has been a hard year for us so far. Linda was hospitalized for over a week and then several ER visits after that. While she was in the hospital one of her best does CH Blue-Ridge Her Xcellency (LA 92) died and we also lost the kids she was carrying. Then we realized Royal Tiara and Yoshe were not pregnant therefore not eligible for Nationals.

We are still reducing our herd by trying to sell some of our milkers to serious breeders. We have listed some of these on our sales page.

Superior Genetics Award

We were pleased that four of our does have met all requirements for the Superior Genetics (SG) designation: Blue Ridge Kaleigh, Blue Ridge Madonna,  Blue Ridge Shannon and Blue Ridge Tammy.

Virginia State June 11th

A few weeks later we went to the VSDGA show and Y-not went Grand in the second ring. She should have finished but we missed getting her in the first ring. Out two year old Ober Blue-Ridge Exclusive went Grand in one ring and Reserve in the other. 

West Virginia May 28th

We attended the Memorial Day 3 ring show at Leetown, WV. We were pleased that our aged doe (8 years old) Blue-Ridge Y-Not Me took Grand in one ring and Reserve in the other two rings. This Grade had not been shown in years and we were excited she did so well.


June 27,2015 - Maryland Dairy Goat Association 3 ring show

We had a great day inspite of the weather (rainy and cool). Kathleen (our daughter) and Aiden (our grandson) joined us to help out and have a day together.

Aiden showed his Nubian doe, Cleopatria,  winning Grand Champion in Ring 2 and Reserve in Ring 3. That should have finished her permanent championship. We could not be happier with Cleo and Aiden. Aiden also helped out showing Oberhasli and Lamanchas.

Steve's Lamanchas really showed themselves with Dark Chocolate going Grand in two rings before being pulled from Ring 3 as she should have been finished then. Also, Yoko Ono went Reserve to Chocolate in the first two rings and then went Grand in Ring 3 which will finish her.

What a day! We finished 3 permanent champions and had a great time together.

June 13, 2015

We took 7 does to the Virginia State Show. Our LaMancha Yoko took Grand, and Aiden's (our grandson) Nubian Cleopatra took Grand and also our Oberhasli Celeste took Grand.  

May 23,2015

We took ten does to the SDGA/MDGA show at Leetown WV and won Grand Champion LaMancha with Blue-Ridge Dark Chocolate. Our Grandson won Reserve Grand Champion with his Nubian Cleopatria. We took Grand Champion Oberhasli (Celeste) in one ring and Reserve (Divina) in the other. We won some other shows but the numbers were not enough to be official.

May 17,2015

Our grandson took his Nubian Blue-Ridge-Cleopatria to the Wills Fair at  Howard County, MD and won Grand Champion Nubian And Best-Doe-in-Show.

May 10, 2015

We had linear appraisal done in spite of the fact that we freshened just a few does this year, and most of those were first fresheners. We had does with the final appraisal scores as follows: Two with a 92, one with a 91, two with 90, two with 89 and two with 88 and three with 87.


October 26, 2014

Due to health reasons we will only be breeding a select few does this Fall. If interested in a 2015 kid, please get in touch with us so we can try to accommodate you.

June 25, 2014

We wanted to share an email we received from Anita Arnold a  NC person who had bred her does to one of our bucks and bought a Lady-In-Waiting doe kid in 2014.....

"Steve and Linda,

We just wanted to share with you the great news. We took Sheba to a four ring show in NC this last weekend. She took reserve grand in all four rings with some very stiff competition especially for as young as she is. There were tons of Oberhaslis there and they had their own sanction. We had loads and loads of compliments on her and even an offer for a Rachlese buck breeding. Caleb was pretty thrilled.

But wait, it gets better! Callie (3 yr old 2nd freshener ) out of Hot Stuff took Grand in one of those rings for her first leg! We were so thrilled and well, a bit surprised because I've been telling you that she is small in stature. However, her udder is fabulous especially that weekend and I think that is what carried her. She has good conformation but is just not very big - you know Mya her mom was not very big either.

Well, all that to say - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to come to your bucks and for letting us take Sheba into our herd."

June 24

Day 1 - Because it was just the two of us, Linda & I, we only entered 9 Obers and one Experimental (88% Oberhasli). We only took  8 Obers and the Experimental the first day. Blue-Ridge Zaza took Grand in both rings and finished her championship with Blue-Ridge Angelina going reserve. The two  dry yearlings Blue-Ridge Dancing Lady and Blue-Ridge Davina each won Junior champion in one of the rings winning a restricted leg each. We always (if possible) pull a winning junior from the show after getting their leg.

Day 2 - Blue Ridge Angelina won grand champion and best-of-breed finishing her championship with Blue-Ridge Rose going reserve. We brought another dry yearling Blue-Ridge Royal Diamond, who won her dry leg in the junior show.

Oh, our experimental Blue-Ridge Zafirah, reserve in both rings Saturday, won on Sunday finishing her championship. We were satisfied with the placing of our two year olds and hope to see more of them later. Altogether we won 7 championship legs and 4 reserves, finished three champions and got restricted legs on three juniors. It was amazing!

May 24

Linda took sick and all our planning for our first goat show was over. Looking forward to the next.

May 17

Hooray! At 1:30AM my husband Steve and son-in-law, Rob brought our new  junior herd sire home. God's Grace TXT Petra came all the way from Idaho to Dulles airport.

We had looked around for a few years, but nothing quite worked. I talked with Jodie early this Spring then communication was dropped. We were talking with other breeders but there was always a hold back. Then an email from God's Grace that they still had a buck kid from Agape. Within a few days everything worked out and he was here in a week.

We met "over the net" so many dedicated people breeding great Obers that the search was well worth our time. As for Petra we are looking forward to next Spring.